About Street Beat

Street Beat is a website for Community Associations (CAs) and their members. It is intended to drive community engagement and foster communication amongst community members.

Street Beat provides CAs the ability to sign up members and enable on-line payment of membership fees. It also provides CAs with the ability to communicate directly with all of their members on a near-real-time basis.

Community members who create accounts on Street Beat will fill out a profile, listing their communication and volunteer interests, as well as some basic demographic information.

CAs are able to send emails to their members based on the members' profile settings.

CAs are able to create a custom list of Interests, which are the primary means used to determine email distribution. Members pick from that list to determine what type of communication they want to received from the CA.

What Street Beat Is Not

Street Beat is not a replacement for a Community Association's website. CAs should still maintain their own website, and simply link to Street Beat for membership and communication functions.

Street Beat is not a plug-in for an existing CA website. It is a stand-alone website and database. The only change required for a CA's website is to add a button or link which redirects users to the Street Beat website.